Raluca Buzura – Focus Artist @ AUTOR 2019

Raluca Buzura – Focus Artist @ AUTOR 2019

Raluca Buzura – Focus Artist @ AUTOR 2019 1200 895 Dautor
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Raluca Buzura


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Raluca Buzura


At the 17th edition of the AUTOR fair, last year, Raluca won AUTOR AWESOME Award, granting her a special and free participation at this edition of the fair and, of course, with focus on her creation, along with a central integration of her presence in the new edition of the fair.

In Raluca’s vision, jewelry is a translation of personal experiences in porcelain trying to erase the traces through a simplification that erases the boundaries between the real and the abstract in a whirl of shapes and cascades of textures from which flash- golden gold.

Raluca Buzura - focus artist AUTOR 2019


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Today is about her and her inner world. She´s the origin of life itself, she´s the abundance and fertility, she´s the desire and the lust, she´s worshiped, she´s the pain and the pleasure, she´s delicate but she can be the thunder, she has hundreds of names and meanings, she´s a flower, a peach, a shell, she´s the triangle and the delta, the earth or a boat of heaven; she´s complex and complicated, she´s pure and a sinner, she´s a cultural taboo, she´s oppressed and covered, she´s powerful but still vulnerable…she´s beautiful. Not just today, but every day is about her.

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