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Renata Manganelli


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Renata Manganelli


Renata Manganelli, was born in Italy but lived in London for many years before moving to Turin, where she now lives and works. With a past in Theatre, where she worked for one of the best private italian companies, Compagnia Glauco Mauri, and after a pioneering career in the new media (she founded one of the first new media agencies, Quam), Renata devoted herself to sculpture for years until one day she simply reduced the scale of her works, transforming them into jewels, microsculptures to wear, art on your skin. She was selected in several contest and exhibitions being at the Venice Design Week from 2016


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The VIRAL JEWELRY project is inspired by the common viruses affecting the human health. Are you scared to wear a virus on your neck? I am happy to take the creative risk! In a world where the word viral is spreading everywhere loosing its roots and meaning, shouldn’t we bring the actual virus back on the stage? When we get to think about viruses most of the time our feeling is related to a treat to our health, but actually viruses are now more and more used as a means to bring cure within the body. Viruses are becoming the key factor to the treat of most incurable diseases.

Do you want to be part of this big medical revolution? By wearing a Viral Jewelry you can contribute, as part of the money raised from the sales will be donated to the research.
VIRAL JEWELRY is part of a bigger project, that includes, together with jewelry, drawings sculptures and photography.

Virus images from the electronic microscope have been my inspiration with their stunning and fascinating architectural structure that I have been carefully studying to make each virus different.
Viruses are 3D modelled and printed before going through a long manual process using pigments resin and bronze to transform them into unique pieces of jewelry.
Mixing new technologies with more traditional techniques in jewelry as in any project means being aware that technology is empty without the human hand and creativity and that men need technology to overcome his limits.

Materials: resin, pigments and bronze

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