SEVAMAYU by Alina Allen

SEVAMAYU by Alina Allen

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SEVAMAYU by Alina Allen


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Alina Allen


I have loved to draw, paint and sew ever since I could hold a pencil, a brush or a needle in
my hand. In kindergarten I was introduced to paper, thread, watercolour and ever since my
interest for these materials was only growing.

I was very happy to have the chance to follow an Art Highschool and later to graduate the
Arts Faculty (West University from Timisoara, Romania).
In 2001 I received my Bachelor of Arts, Fine and Decorative Arts, Fashion Design,
Textile Arts and Arts Pedagogy.
After the Arts Faculty I worked as an art teacher for 10 years (with children aged 10-14 years).
It was a very good and inspiring experience.

In the meantime I met a wonderful Dutch man who later became my husband.
He is my greatest supporter ( next to my mother and my best friend Adriana).
I moved to the Netherlands a few years ago and my personal arts approach style started to
change. Now I experiment more with mixed fibers, paper, ink and acrylic colors.
I also love to learn new techniques all the time.

I’ve started to give my art a deeper care and focus, I sometimes work for days, weeks or
months on one piece (even years on one painting) following my strong belief that
serious art takes serious time and dedication!

Some of my favorite artists/designers and art styles are: Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Cayce
Zavaglia, Elsa Peretti, Valentino, J.P. Gaultier, Iris van Herpen, Renaissance, Romantism,
Impressionism, the Icons and the Manuscripts, Abstract Art, Traditional Art of different
countries and much more …

Curently I colaborate (exposing textile and paper jewellery) with Textile Museum (Tilburg),
and with CODA Museum (Apeldoorn) in The Netherlands.

Sustainable Jewellery//WEARABLE ART//EXCLUSIVE ART FOR YOUR HEART by Alina Allen


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Abstract Lace (Impressionist Fibers)


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Everything starts with a thread …

I am the result of women who used thread and made
beauties out of it: my grannies, my mum, former generations,
history sewn together by this simple and yet, so essential
I have taken it further and changed the structure
of the thread as I delight in using textile threads to create
the most surprising and delicate pieces that would just give you
the feeling of connection to our natural roots.

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