Simo Shomov Jewellery Design

Simo Shomov Jewellery Design

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Simo Shomov Jewellery Design


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Simeon Shomov


Simeon Shomov, born 1985, Sofia, Bulgaria. Leaves and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. Coming from an artistic family, my mother and father are artists. After being a manager at the largest chain of jewellery stores, along with the study of informatics, I decided to start doing art. A few years after the opening of my lighting design studio, started painting in a small atelier in Vermont, USA for a while. Back in Bulgaria found my jewellery atelier in 2008, where I make my models so far. I took many seminars and courses to learn different techniques and approaches to constructing objects: such as metal modelling, wax modelling, glass, enamel and many others. I attended various workshops. My work was published in national and international magazines and books. My works are exhibited in Bulgaria, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey, Austria, Australia, Italy, Canada, Russia and USA.
April 2016 – AUTOR 2016 Public Award, Bucharest, Romania


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Flying Around


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“Flying Around” is a very special collection. Flying people, machines, birds and some other animals, people using flying machines, birds that don't use, horses with wings… Some of them fly just out of curiosity, others out of love, others out of happiness, but the most important is to keep flying, and more important than the most is to fly with a smile, though we can't be sure when the horses or the birds smile, but they do. Welcome to this flying world, precisely crafted out of silver, gold and some little stones. Material things that are meant to make us smile and immerse into pleasant emotions!

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