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Simo Shomov Jewellery

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Simo Shomov Jewellery


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Simeon Shomov


Simeon Shomov, born 1985, Sofia, Bulgaria. Leaves and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. Coming from an artistic family, my mother and father are artists. After being a manager at the largest chain of jewellery stores, along with the study of informatics, I decided to start doing art. A few years after the opening of my lighting design studio, started painting in a small atelier in Vermont, USA for a while. Back in Bulgaria found my jewellery atelier, where I make my models so far. I took many seminars and courses to learn different techniques and approaches to constructing objects: such as metal modelling, wax modelling, latex, enamel and many others. I attended various workshops. My work was published in national and international magazines and books. My works are exhibited in Bulgaria, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey, Austria, Australia, Italy, Canada, Russia and USA.

April 2016 – AUTOR 2016 Public Award, Bucharest, Romania

November 6, 2013 – Participation in Animal/Bird/Fish Exhibition, Cecilia Colman Gallery, London
2014, 4th of December- Solo exhibition ACTION ! Sabai gallery, Sofia
2014, Participation in “Artistar Selezione” exhibition, Milan, Italy
2015, Published works in “Artistar Jewels 2015″ book, Italy
2015, December – Participation in Winter’s Breath @ Putti Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2016, January – Article in L’oficiel magazine, Latvia
2016, June – Participation to EUNIQUE fair, Karlsruhe, Germany
2016, August – Published works in Baltic Jewellery News Magazine
2017, April – Solo exhibition “Timelessness” at Sabai art gallery.
2017, May – Participation to Autor 2017 International Contemporary Jewellery Fair, Bucharest, Romania
2017, June- Solo exhibition “Connected” at Vivaart gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2018, April – Exhibition in Bratislavskeho Hradu, Zapadna Terasa (The Castle of Bratislava), Bratislava, Slovakia
2018, May – Participation to Autor 2018, International Contemporary Jewellery Fair, Bucharest, Romania


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Imaginary Planets


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“Imaginary Planets”. According to some people the planets are just spots in the sky. According to some other people the planets are very complex systems, galaxies and it's too difficult for a dreamer to classify them. But according to all of the people, with a few exceptions, the planets are too far to reach them… And we can only stay on our beautiful planet Earth.
Imagine that you have your own planet, as the Little Prince, where everything is possible and you can hide there for a while, alone, or with someone else? It would be great, Isn't it?
That's why I felt obliged to create a few very special, tiny planets for dreamers, who's dreams go beyond the limits. Come and find the planet that suits you best, take it and never stop provoking your imagination!

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