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Simone Frabboni


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Simone Frabboni


Simone Frabboni studied art and wood techniques and worked as wood art restorer.
Making wood art and jewels has always been part of a constant sculpture practice.
His work is based on ecological materials and handcraft tradition.
In his search for beauty art and ecology are connected.
He works wild wood essences, metals, resins and carefully recycled woods with the same care and technique, for a design that starts from the matter.
He has showed his jewelry in galleries, exhibitions and fairs in Italy and other European countries; he has collaborated with famous fashion companies and has given workshops about wood design and contemporary jewelry in some Italian universities.


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Collection of rings and pendants made of young oak, around 20-year-old, and semi-fossil oak (bog-oak), 3500-year-old.

Bog-oak is a rare semi-fossil wood, found in a few areas of the world.
Simone Frabboni works natural wood, in collaboration with farmers and lumberjacks in his territory. He has found bog-oak in Italy and Carbon14 analysis that he asked have confirmed that it dates back to around 3500 years ago.

This collection tells an ancient story. Wood is treated as a precious stone and its shape is designed as the symbolic image of a tree.
Long time ago a huge forest covered all Europe, before any king and border existed.
In this collection the jewels made of bog-oak represent the past, when the wild side of nature was adored and not dominated.
The jewels made with the young oak bring this vision into the present and keep it alive.
Bog-oaks fell down thousands of years ago and now their wood is even more precious.
Today oaks still make the world a better place.

The collection is a symbol of a fair relation with nature and it is a memory of that age without boundaries.
This is also a challenge – as our times are – because oak is hard to be worked in so little dimensions.
The result is not sharp as it could be with other woods, but this is a designed feature and a homage to the wild.
This collection doesn’t want to be perfect, but true.
Just like oak.

Pendants chains are made of stainless steel, chosen because it is resistant and hard, like oak, but in a clear contrast with the wood.
Resin in the rings is acrylic, to respect the environment. It is white and smooth to create a contrast, in shape and material, to underline raw wood.

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