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Tami Eshed


I am an experienced jewelry designer, with over 10 years experience in the jewelry making/designing business.
As the owner of my own jewelry brand I create original, elegant, contemporary, hand-made jewellery designs, as well as custom designs.
T- SQUARED is influenced by architecture, geometric lines and minimalism.
The shapes are edgy and monochromatic, yet very dainty.
Every order is tailor made especially for you, Which makes each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art.

In December 2017 I established the Department of Jewellery Design, diploma Studies. at "HIT" Holon Institute of Technology.
The jewellery design department has a supreme goal in practice versus industry. The course aims to impart introduction and foundation techniques in the world of jewellery making while practical application, which leads to practical and independent work. Combining traditional and modern techniques together with a connection to the industrial world. Today the third class operates.

Exhibitions and conferences:

Schmuck Munich Jewellery Week
Autor Romania
SIERAAS Art Fair, Amsterdam

Autor Romania
JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair
SIERAAS Art Fair, Amsterdam

Schmuck Munich Jewellery Week
Autor Romania:
Presenting T-SQUARED jewellery
Speaking on “Selling my work: a love/hate relationship”
SIERAAS Art Fair, Amsterdam

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair
Autor Romania

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair


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A never-ending dialogue exists between jewellery and clothing.
As an artist, a jewellery designer and a fashion enthusiast, I am fascinated by the gap between contemporary art jewellery and fashionable ones and feel the urge to research it.
After completing the design of my “Street Jewellery” collection for a jewellery exhibition in Munich, 2018, a new idea emerged.
While delving into street fashion photography work, I came across an element that sparked my interest, connecting jewellery and clothing: I took some rope, tied it into a knot, and after dipping it into wax I moved on casting brass into it. This process conveyed freedom and widened my creativity range. The soft substance of the rope was suddenly stiffened and became firm in the process of casting, transforming itself by its rendezvous with brass and acting differently.
This element gave rise to various designs of a ring collection.
The figurative abstraction in the jewellery I have created helps me to reflect upon clothing and other nuances I have encountered in fashion photography.
The result is my ‘Rope Collection’, where necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets have the soft look of rope, but when worn, are surprisingly durable and steady.
All pieces are hand made of brass material and 14 karate gold-plated a. And are covered by a black and white powder coating.

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