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Tehila Designs


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Veronica Umoetuk


I am a jewellery Designer Maker creating unique and limited edition handcrafted art jewellery. The story behind each pieces comes from my personal life journey and experiences. I come from a health librarian background so had no previous experience of art and design but being able to share my life struggles through a medium that touches people enabled me to birth Tehila Designs. Each design is in one way or the other influenced by emotional, mental or physical wellbeing. The pieces are therefore not to be regarded as just a form of beauty or body adornment alone, but to tell a story of how we can turn what might have been or appears to be a negative or stressful situation into a positive and beautiful outcome. The intentional bashes, irregular/unusual shapes and textures on the surface of the pieces tell a story that life isn't perfect, but with our flaws, challenges or whatever it might be we can continue to thrive forward. The journey of going through life is equally important as the destination of where we want to be.

As a designer maker I retrained at Holts Academy in London (Now called the British Academy of Jewellery) graduating with a Level IV professional qualification in Jewellery Manufacture and Design in late 2013 prior to that I worked as a professional Health Librarian/Cataloguer for over a decade. I am a member of the National Association of Jewellers and other creative small business organisations in the UK. I currently make all my pieces using precious metals, sterling silver, elements of gold and precious/semi precious gemstones but for this new decade I am branching out to create sculptural pieces and homeware products and exploring the use of other materials to create my products and designs.


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The Foil Brunch


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The actual design of the Foil Brunch came from creased up foil paper which I was about to throw away and then I noticed the creases and also recognised that the outer part was nice and shiny but the inner part was dull. That's why the outer parts of the pieces from this collection are highly polished and the inside looks dull. I created this design at a time when I felt down and was at a very dark place. The "Foil Brunch" represents a situation whereby we sometimes feel crushed and dejected but we have to pick ourselves up and start all over again no matter what we might have experienced along the way through the journey of life. The whole idea is to take situations that might be stressful or difficult it doesn't always have to be a sad encounter but it is all about learning to cope with whatever situation we find ourselves in and turning it around into a postive encounter. The mind is very powerful and it affects every part of our wellbeing, physically, mentally, socially anything we can think of or do is affected by our thoughts. Our wellbeing has nothing to do with whether we are materiallly or financially successful it's all about how healthy our mind is, how it affects our daily living and how we react with others around us. I am presenting this collection as part of the submission just for the jurors to have an idea of what I make if selected I'll either be creating this collection which will comprise of gemstones or an entirely different collection but the brief will be the same, available in silver and gold plated silver. WEAR PIECES THAT DEPICT STRENGTH, PERSEVERANCE, AND EMPOWERMENT AS WE JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE.

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