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Telma DA


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Telma Ferreira


With a degree in Architecture, Telma is a Portuguese designer based in Porto. Due to her experience abroad, where she worked as an architect, she started developing her interest towards prototype. This lead to her search for new materials thought Contemporary Jewelry.
TelmaDA is born out of a new concept, where the principles of Architecture are connected to Design in a unique and groundbreaking language. In a World that is becoming ever more homogeneous as well as worried about sustainability, it tries to explore and innovate in the use of alternative materials so as to match them the so called noble materials.
With knowledge in traditional techniques and metalsmithing, architecture is the main focus here, in all its volumetric expressions and assymetries, allying portability and usability with the constant search of new aesthetic solutions. Inserted in the unique and exclusive segment of jewelry but asserting itself as Pure Design. All pieces are handmade in Portugal, individually with perfection and pride, making each piece unique as it really are.

Her presence is becoming each year more internacional as in Sieraad fair or Loot


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3D Color Block


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Is a clear game between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric shapes. Lightness, color and irreverent pieces come to life in a unique and wearable designs.

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