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I´m 24 years old. Gemini.
Completed a bachelor degree for Biomedical Electronic Engineer graduated from “Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajra (UAG)” then finished a professional course as Jewelry Designer and currently student in second year course from “Hard to Find (HTF)”.

I dedicate myself to create my own world through jewelry and I´m always open for artistic proyects with new technics. The world it´s my inspiration as long my hands allowed me to create and mind keep growing brightening ideas I´ll be part of many others life.

I love experimenting, new materials means new possibilities. Like air ! Need mobility, adventure, socialize, learn from exploring. Got a big curiosity.
Problems can be solved by many ways. I enjoy my results.
My biggest achievement was forming part of the Milano Jewelry Week 2019 together with HTF by selection of Artistar Jewels.

I have attended the following workshops:
International artist workshop with Jamie Bennett (American) for ¨Enamel on jewelry¨.
International artist workshop with Barbara Brocchi (Italian) for ¨Identity illustration¨.
International artist workshop with Deborah Wall (Argentinian) for ¨Wax modeling¨.
National artist workshop with Felipe Cárdenas (Mexican) for ¨Forging technique¨.

Recently created my jewelry brand VANILLE (vanille_jewels) which is one of my biggest projects now.
What I want is to be recognize as an artist and brand creator


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The collection is about four lovely monkeys that live in the Paris’ Zoo. One of the monkeys found a postcard that made it dream about visiting the Eiffel Tower.
Trying to make its dream come true, the four monkeys broke out from the Zoo and went on an adventure towards the Eiffel Tower as their final destiny.

“Our Lady¨ ring is a unique piece designed in commemoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
The monkeys found Notre Dame Cathedral on their way and they stopped by. Jumping and climbing to the top, they were having fun posing as gargoyles and enjoying the beauty of the place before the devastating fire.

Around the world, Notre Dame’s fire inspires sadness so this ring’s wish is to bring optimism to the huge loss of a big monument in Paris. The “rose window” has been made with an enamel technique called “Plique-à-Jour” (French for "letting in daylight").

Let the light come to Our Lady of Paris..

Bon Voyage collection is coming soon so right now that will be the only jewel finished.

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