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Victoria Tonu


Soul, meaning, symbol and pure form are the characteristics that represent Vika Tonu Design jewellery, a brand born in 2013, after Victoria Tonu graduated Interdisciplinary Art and Design Course in Huddersfield, UK. The Bucharest-based artist continued her studies of resistant materials at ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze, Italy thus deepening her research in modern designs and traditional jewellery techniques.
In addition to her jeweller vocation, in 2018 Victoria becomes a certified gemologist after graduating The Gemology Course at the Romanian Gemological Center in Timisoara, Romania.
Victoria believes in the power of a hand-made object, always unique, which imbued with symbolism and esoteric becomes a totem, elusively reminding the wearer about the elements that are present in our personalities. Greek culture and alphabet, alchemy, universal protective signs, astrology and anthroposophy are Victoria`s constant source of inspiration, while the more conceptual jewellery is always created as a message of own introspection and growth.
Her style can be described as minimalistic, geometric, one of simplification striving to achieve the essence of things.
Either alone or in collaborations, Vika Tonu Design jewellery succeeded to be presented and displayed at various events and exhibitions, both national and international: Vienna Design Week (”Re.Re. Overriding design with Art and vice-versa, 2016), London Fashion Week 2015 – International Fashion Showcase (Special Mention for ”Best Designer” – Vika Tonu & Alexandru Nimurad for jewellery collection ”Ensemble of Broken Pieces”), Romanian Design Week 2013, Autor Contemporary Jewellery Fair Bucharest, Pelișor Castle – Sinaia, galleries in Berlin, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Bucharest, concept stores in Regensburg, Chisinau, among different local fairs and fashion events.


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How about a trip,
To the least desirable destination?
The one you keep postponing,
The one you take only by yourself.

To the shores of your dark seas,
To the empty beach of your desires,
To the jungle of your own ego.

Your eyes are wide open
Your senses are awakened,
But have no fear,
The geometry of the Universe and your heart
Are the map.

They say it’s the most difficult trip,
Because you travel naked and barefooted,
They also say, once you get out of there alive and sane,
Your passport will be marked with a privileged stamp,
Your courage will be rewarded,
Your soul will be wiser,
And you will never be afraid
To travel alone again.
( The Pilgrim’s Dream, Victoria Tonu 2019)

This is an interdisciplinary project, a mix of dreams and personal revelations, translated into collage and transformed into wearable art.
The story is about our permanent quest, the human’s pilgrimage in what seems an unavailing search of identity and purpose in life. A trip that can have a final destination but which can only be achieved with patience, courage and faith.

Inspired by the artist’s poem and a following collage, this series aims to give more sense and depth to what jewellery could be.
A creative circle is completed: as the collage is a process of the unconscious, where elements from different corners come together to form a whole, the image is then being split again to form a new whole – a consistent jewellery ensemble.
Parts of the handmade, analog collage were cut off again, new methods of work were used: 3D modeling and printing, further combined with traditional jewellery techniques.

Photos for application purpose only. More to follow.

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