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vingt six


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chang peiwen


The designer graduated from the Department of Interior Design of Kaohsiung Shude University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. After entering the work of jewelry design, he has now established a brand for 9 years. He has led the brand to many different national food exhibitions. The participating countries include Britain and Japan , Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and has two stores in Taiwan to create more development for the brand.


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vingt six


Description of the collection:

“Vingt-six”, the number 26 in French.
26, it’s you in your 26 transformations;
A-Z in English;
The age when Dreams flourish, blossom, and bloom.
Flower—“fleur” in French—is all that matters in this design.
Vingt-six, in order to transgress the boundaries of fashion, signifies the seeking of oneself.
Perhaps gracious & romantic, maybe delicate and charming, but sometimes sexy and free-spirited;
Vingt-six delineates the various postures of your uniqueness.
Vingt-six insists on its limited 26 variations for each design (not including additional parts)
according to the 26 A-Z alphabets.
Each bag will have its own signature character.
That is, while there are 26 variations in one style, you will still own the only one that belongs to you.

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