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Wei Si


I am currently studying and living in London, graduated from Jiangnan University in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in product design, and then entered a postgraduate course at the Royal College of Art in UK. I enjoy trying to explore and study various materials and I am also interested in colour expression. Mainly inspired by everyday life, familiar people, things. My works are about feelings, love and curiosity.


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Body Museum


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Based on human collectomania and following the traditional museum exhibition method, the concept of this project inductively and formally re-created the jewelry-wearing parts of human body from the perspective of collectors. Jewelry is the center of vision when users wear jewelry, while the human body is a carrier for jewelry. This design will subvert the inherent perception of jewelry and invert the relationship between the original museum – "human body" and its collection –"jewelry", thinking about whether the jewelry has the greatest collection value after being worn? Therefore, I focused on the jewelry-wearing parts of human body, and it is hoped that the natural beauty of the body part wearing the jewelry will be paid more attention to by the wearing of the jewelry. I would like to maximize this appeal by means of museum exhibits, allowing wearers and public to rethink the relationship between the human body and the jewelry from different perspectives.

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