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Based in Verona, Italy, Womancraft is a collective of independent designers, artisans and artists active in the field of contemporary jewelry which was founded in 2014.
The backgrounds of Womancraft’s members include the world of traditional jewelry, industrial and fashion design and history and art studies. This diversity characterizes their collections where heterogeneous styles and aesthetic registers come together through an intense creative process, impassioned group work and strong personal bonds.
As individuals, the components of the collective collaborate with galleries, concept stores, exhibitions and magazines both national and international.
Current members of the group are Rita Martínez, Mariagiulia Trento, Veronica Meruzzi, Valeria Rossini and Giorgia Tasca.


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In ancient times, Romans believed all memories to reside in the heart. This belief is the origin of the verb recordārī, which literally means to bring something back to the heart itself. This term is still today the root of the verb “to remember” in most modern Latin based languages, but it has also found its way into expressions such as “to learn by heart”.

Nothing embodies both this process and its symbolic meaning throughout history better than jewelry and in the recordārī project it represents the personal take of five contemporary designers on memories and the process of remembering, on what these evoke in their life and creativity.

Veronica addresses memories tied to the loss and sufferance of spirit that, through pain itself, become a moment of emancipation, reflection and growth. In this scope, jewelry becomes a memento that speaks of pain that is not suffered but rather faced.

“Polvere” –dust– is the embodiment of an intimate journey among five memories whose emotions are indelibly ambered in Giorgia’s life. Like precious heirlooms, memories linger amidst the dust to create a constellation whose stars will guide each sailor through the unforgiving sea of life’s emotions.

In her series “Frammentazione”, Valeria uses analogue photos that she took to communicate with the world of memories through the evocation of past experiences. The feelings tied to lived moments survive, hidden in the depth of memory as singular details, crystallized in oblivion.

In Rita’s work, the symbolic presence of a past, as the image of a flower or a flight, relives reinterpreted in a state of rêverie, experienced as a fantastic, conscious, light-hearted waking dream.

Mariagiulia celebrates forgotten everyday items in old houses and dusty attics, little treasures that were once loved and cherished and that accumulate new stories and memories by changing owners.

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