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Over 3000 people visited the 8th edition of Autor, the largest contemporary jewellery fair in Romania, which took place on the 3rd and 4th November at Sala Dalles in Bucharest.

The 8th edition of the event, organised by Autor Bijuterie Contemporană, brought into the public’s attention the newest jewellery creations, crafted by young Romanian designers. The AUTOR fair brought together a record number of visitors and buyers, which attests that the public in Romania is increasingly interested in the works of the Romanian designers and give more importance to the accessories created by authors.

At the 8th edition of the fair, Focus Designer was Ioana Matei. At Autor, Ioana Matei launched the collection “Serial Project No 9“. The collection is composed from a suite of necklaces made from a small number of elements, disposed in different structures. They invite the viewer to an aesthetic and organic communication between people.

At the AUTOR jewellery fair, the following designers have had exhibitions: Ana Wagner, Adina Marin, Expression Contemporary Jewelry, Alexandru Lupu, Alin Teglaș, Alina Băncilă, Alina Carp, Alina Simion, Alis Lalu, Ana-Maria Ariciu, Andreia G.Popescu, Moogu by Andreea Mogoșanu, atelier44, BuyHand, MyPrecious Buzztard, Carla Szabo, Adc Bijuterii Arhitecturale by Delia Matache, Gabi Urda, Harem6 (Ildiko Mureșan și Flavia Marele), Ina Moisi, Statement Jewelry By Ioana Enache, Ioana Matei, SumiDesign by Ionuț Sumedre, Iuliana Asoltanei, Ligia’s Accessories, Livingenbermudas, Andra Lupu, Maria, Maria Filipescu, Mihaela Ivana, Mihaela Tarhuna, Mona Velciov, Lady Magpie, Noha Nicolescu, Oana Țigănuș, Odette Lupu, Ostra Berdo, Pezzi di Sogni, Prochaine, Raluca Buzura, Romana Țopescu, Roua de argint, Roxana Davidescu, Ovidiu Sbancu, The Awesome Project.

At this edition, the fair brought for the first time at Sala Dalles a section dedicated to product design. The AUTOR platform continues therefore to support and promote the Romanian design. In this section, the following have exhibited their works: Cristian Samfira, 11am, Stardust*, IZZI Design, Ideogram Studio, Lightsquare by designer Mădălina Dumitru, Silva Artis, Lo Spaccio, Ágnes Keszeg, Dragoș Motica, Anca Fetcu, Anca Trestian & Alina Turdean, Irina Neacșu.

The AUTOR fair is a biannual event with both a spring and an autumn edition. The previous edition took place between 12-13 March 2012 and had over 2500 visitors.

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Cătălin Anchidin: PR Manager- Contemporary Jewellery Fair AUTOR