AUTOR 10 with a set up designed by ATTILA KIM

AUTOR 10 with a set up designed by ATTILA KIM

AUTOR 10 with a set up designed by ATTILA KIM 1000 667 Dautor
For the 10th edition of Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair we have envisaged a complete transformation of the fair venue, Sala Dalles. The set up will be realised by the most popular curator of exhibition spaces, architect Attila Kim. 

The set up was conceived according to three main elements:

The existence of a coherent visiting path, which would create harmony between the different exhibition areas within Sala Dalles. There’s always been some sort of a fracture between the first and the second fair halls, but Attila Kim has somehow managed to create a natural, fluid circuit. On the first floor, there are two lounge areas designed by Hansen Office Design, creating a nice symbiosis with the designers and their exhibition spaces. Thus, Hansen creates spaces which manage to express the identity of those for whom they are created. There is a subtile, but pregnant coherence.

Contrast between material and texture: the scenery is thought as a paint frame, having the role to highlight the jewels through the usage of unconventional materials. Attila Kim chose to use two technical, industrial materials: Ytong bricks, from Xella, and the  Tego plywood tops from Holver. Thus, the decor remains neutral and subtle, but it is essential for drawing attention to the main element: the jewelry.

Light as a design element: the architect took an unconventional decision to get rid of the general illumination system. Instead, lamps were used to create a playful association of light and shades, as we would find in a theater scenography. Thus, the visitor’s attention can be focused on the object.