Simona Ghiga

Simona Ghiga

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I am born in Bucharest, where I studied Management (ASE) before 1990, in spite of all my early manifestations of creativity during childhood and adolescence. Although I used to paint during my childhood and to create my own clothes and poetry during adolescence, I never thought of joining an art school; and I am still wondering why. As to jewelry, at that time I used to create only by chance, using things I liked: metal scraps, screws, buttons or vine tendrils that I used to carry around my neck as a necklace. In my thirties all this disappeared and in the next 20 years my profession got the best of me; I became a financial advisor and worked in financial management in multinational companies where I died inside little by little while preparing reports for the management or authorities. In 2011 I took a big step back into my life, and in 2014 I gave up the last contract with a corporation. I started to create jewellery in 2010 without realising it, but with great joy. All this joy was probably showcased in the hundreds of earrings or necklaces I made, none of them similar to the others – this being one of the reasons why those who chose them have always worn them with great pleasure. During these four years I have refused any contact with fairs and exhibitions only because I wanted to be dedicated to my self-discovery, to conserve my imagination and to create a foundation for what was to come, whiteout any external influence.

I discovered Autor in the last week of October 2014, after I left the system for good. I discovered that I don’t know what edition was about to happen on November 1st and 2nd, and on the 2nd of November I made courage to go there. After the fair I was firm on joining the next edition. I then sent my application for the 13th and the 14th editions of the fair and i was accepted. Therefore, I have never had any jewelry or art studies (except those from my childhood), but I am learning about jewellery while creating it. And I cannot wait to use everything I discover now in what I will make after I will have finished my studies. And I wish not only to learn as much as I can, on my own or from others, but also to have the luck that my imagination and the wish to express myself visually never leaves me.

What are the main concepts translated through your work?

Being still a novice, I don’t think I can talk about a concept in the correct meaning of the term, as this is the visual cue that marks the difference between artists and the rest of their respective field. I can say that so far, my thoughts have gained shape with the help of stainless steel, brass and copper wires that I have crocheted or woven together with river or semiprecious stones and even sand. In the summer of 2015 I discovered polymeric lute and its versatility simply enchanted me – it is adaptable to my current style. I must admit that I am not attracted by pure geometric shapes – excepting round ones – unless these being used together create a fluid piece.

What material would you like to get to work with but haven’t had the chance yet?

Honestly, I would like to experiment with all possible materials, but I am aware that it is impossible. I wish I start learning how to be a metalsmith in order to give birth to the projects I have in mind. Moreover, I would like to learn how to use ceramics both traditional techniques and raku.

How would you describe the person wearing your jewellery?

I would describe the first man wearing my jewellery (as there were no men so far) as brave and with a fine sense of humour.
The women wearing my jewellery can be described through their acquisition of a piece I created as very open people, that can accept a transfer of my personal traits through the jewel I created – a piece that can join them for the rest of their lives, even if they will wear it only once in a while. I would say that they resemble me in a way. I had the great experience that some of my friends that never used to wear jewellery other than traditional pieces, have for some years now, inserted some of my statement jewellery in their style.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Because I am still a beginner in jewellery making, I did not receive too many pieces of advice so far. However, I can call an advice the observation Paulo Ribeiro made about my works at the 13th edition of AUTOR Fair, the moment I entered this world of jewellery: he was observing my pieces of jewelry and said that he could only observe 3 of them. Those were the ones where he could also see the concept and the work I made. He told me that it’s better to present two or three great works, rather than many pieces without any statement. I have heard this before from Dan Pierșinaru, who told me this in a more subtle way. And that was also my thought. It was the best advice for someone trying to breach into the world of art jewellery: expressing a clear concept. I am grateful that I have received this advice at my first lesson and I hope I will soon evolve and not hear this again.

If you were to be a piece of jewellery, what would you be?

I would love to be a brooch that from time to time would climb up a short string and would take the form of a necklace.