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The Prestigious AUTOR Awards: The AUTOR Awards, organized by the AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair, aim to highlight outstanding achievements in the field of contemporary jewelry design. It recognizes designers who push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create exceptional pieces that captivate the imagination

The 20th anniversary edition of AUTOR Fair, that took place in Bucharest on 6-7 May brought together talented designers and served as a platform to showcase their exceptional creations. In this article, we will explore the significance and the winners of the AUTOR Awards, its impact on the design community, and some noteworthy winners who have left a lasting impression.

🏆 Alchimia School Award Congratulations to Madalina Spiridon winner of the Alchimia School Award for the collection ‘Harlequin’. This collection embodies the essence of humor and playfulness in self-expression, celebrating the power of color, movement, and joy in unlocking our truest selves. The award offers a two-week scholarship at the prestigious Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, helping talented designers fulfill their dreams of becoming professional artists.

🏆 Doro16 Award -Congratulations to Cleopatra Cosulet, winner of the Doro16 Award for the “Nexum” collection. This collection explores the themes of identity and interconnectedness. Doro16 provides a platform for boutique designers to flourish as a community, and the recipient of this award is backed by their supportive network, showcasing their work to be appreciated and acquired by jewelry enthusiasts.

🏆 Public Choice AwardWenyin Jiang is the recipient of the Public Choice Award, validating their popularity among the fair’s visitors. The public had the chance to vote through the entry ballot, and the winner receives automatic access to the next edition of AUTOR 2023 and a 50% discount on the participation fee. Additionally, one voter who supported the winner will be randomly selected to receive a jewelry piece bearing a special signature.

🏆 AUTOR Magazine AwardINTO2INTO is the proud winner of the AUTOR Magazine Award. This award offers the opportunity to be featured in the renowned AUTOR Magazine, providing exposure and recognition to the designer’s work.

🏆 Universus Award & Contemporania Award -Congratulations to Taibe Palacios, winner of the Universus Award and Contemporania Award. These awards provide the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Contemporania Fair in Barcelona and to exhibit her collection at the newest art jewelry space in Athens a Uni.Versus Art Room.

Taibe Palacios’ work showcases personal impulses, excellence in technique, and impeccable finishes.

🏆 AUTOR Awesome Award -Congratulations to Ela Nord, recipient of the prestigious AUTOR Awesome Award (AAA). This award honors the most promising artist who will become the FOCUS ARTIST at AUTOR 2023. Ela Nord’s works will be in the spotlight and promoted on the AUTOR platform for a year.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of AUTOR 2023! These awards celebrate the exceptional talent and creativity within the design community, showcasing the diverse and innovative world of contemporary jewelry.