AUTOR Magazine #6: The Beauty Issue

AUTOR Magazine #6: The Beauty Issue

AUTOR Magazine #6: The Beauty Issue 1500 1342 Dautor

Here we are in 2019. 10 years of AUTOR. We reached the 18th edition of the fair and the 6th issues of the magazine. Right about time to talk about beauty.

We created “The Beauty Issue” because, for the contemporary jewelry, the inner connection established with the beauty is always questioned and invites to conversation.

The concept

Since the beginning of ages, jewelry has passed first as a powerful adornment, and, as we approach modern ages, as a way of self discovery. We are at that point. Contemporary jewelry needs contexts and conversation. Capturing beauty in the contemporary jewelry pieces turned into an investigative journey and along with Niki Stylianou, editor AUTOR magazine, you will discover the endless manifestations of beauty, the way they were imagined by the most creative artists of the moment.

The selected Artists

No. 6 reunites beauty-inspired art jewelry statements and the story behind the creative explorations of this very concept. You will be delighted with a range of materials dedicated to contemporary and art jewelry, created and developed by artists who have already been revived in the current edition, thus being an artistic project in itself. The designers are:

Yuzhuo Fu, Jolynn Santiago, Edwin Charmain, Erato Kouloubi, Dagmar Gerke, Dabin Lee, Dora Rea Kover, Anna Borcsok, Dongyi Wu, Burcu Büyükünal, Studio Perfect, Véronique Réunif, Tami Eshed, Carlo Lucidi, Maya Rose Weiss, Lyndsay Rice, Anna Lewis, Michelle Lung, Angela Ciobanu, Iris Nijenhuis, Constantinos Papadoukas, Zsofia Neuzer, Lauren Kalman, Jieun Park, Katja Koeditz, Stefan Gougherty, Alessa Joosten

Start or continue your very own story with contemporary jewelry, acquire our beautiful no. 6, here.

You change the world by changing peoples’ hearts and imaginations.” – Niki Stylianou, managing editor of no. 6

About AUTOR Magazine:

An independent publication, printed in English in special graphic conditions. Reaching its number 6, AUTOR is the only contemporary and art jewelry magazine in Eastern Europe and one of the three printed all over Europe. AUTOR Magazine is also an experimental publishing event that encourages artistic creation and contemporary art jewelry, bringing together a series of materials devoted to these concepts.

You can purchase the magazine HERE.