The Beauty Issue – new images

The Beauty Issue – new images

The Beauty Issue – new images 800 984 Dautor

Should the jewelry be beautiful in order to enhance and beautify?

Is beauty an objective ideal when it comes to art and thus to artistic jewelry?

Does beautiful equal ornamental? And even if it does, could ornamental be distinctive, meaningful, symbolic and magical too?

Since the beginning of ages, jewelry has passed first as a powerful adornment and, as we approach modern ages, as a way of self-discovery and self-expression. We are at that point. Contemporary jewelry needs contexts and conversation. Capturing the beauty in contemporary and art jewelry pieces turns into an investigative journey.

The Beauty Issue reunites a selection of bold and playful collections and their stories, created and put into words and pictures by designers themselves, thus making the magazine an artistic project in itself. The designers question beauty and research its appearances and implications in contemporary and art jewelry. With thought pieces on jewelry, adorning the body with jewelry and physical grace, recycling and craftsmanship, nature versus technology and revisited cultural heritage, we discover the jewelry as a surplus and an extra through the subjective eye of beauty, discussing and questioning at this moment, if jewelry should be beautiful in order to enhance and beautify. Should it?

The artists who contribute to this issue are: Yuzhuo Fu, Jolynn Santiago, Edwin Charmain, Erato Kouloubi, Dagmar Gerke, Dabin Lee, Dora Rea Kover, Anna Borcsok, Dongyi Wu, Burcu Büyükünal, Studio Perfect, Véronique Réunif, Tami Eshed, Carlo Lucidi, Maya Rose Weiss, Lyndsay Rice, Anna Lewis, Michelle Lung, Angela Ciobanu, Iris Nijenhuis, Constantinos Papadoukas, Zsofia Neuzer, Lauren Kalman, Jieun Park, Katja Koeditz, Stefan Gougherty, Alessa Joosten.

They were selected from a large number of submissions and the materials that they propose are strong and coherent personal statements, rooted in a sound conceptual base and supported by powerful visuals.

You change the world by changing peoples’ hearts and imaginations.” – Niki Stylianou, managing editor AUTOR magazine #6.

AUTOR Magazine is an independent publication of AUTOR Platform, printed in English in special graphics conditions. Reaching its sixth issue, AUTOR is the only contemporary jewelry magazine in Eastern Europe and one of the three printed all over Europe. It is also an experimental publishing event that encourages artistic creation and contemporary art jewelry, bringing together a series of materials devoted to these concepts.

36 pages, 230,5 x 330 mm, printed in full color on recycled paper inside and with a mirror silver cover to reflect yourself in it from the first touch. Printed sustainably in Romania by Fabrik.

For wholesale orders (over 5 units) please contact: mag@dautor.ro

The editorial team:

Editor-in-chief: Dan Piersinaru
Managing editor: Niki Stylianou
Graphic designer: Alice Stoicescu

Publisher AUTOR Platform. Printed annually in Bucharest, Romania

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