The exhibition Nuda Vita @ Munich Jewellery Week

The exhibition Nuda Vita @ Munich Jewellery Week

The exhibition Nuda Vita @ Munich Jewellery Week 7360 4912 Dautor

Corrina Goutos, Brooch: shell, headphones, silver, steel. Photo: Marco Pauletto.

From March 13th to 17th, Munich Jewellery Week hosts at ABC Westside Galerie the exhibition Nuda Vita, curated by Ilaria Ruggiero.

The expression Nuda Vita, coined by Benjamin and developed by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, is interpreted here as an impossible condition, unspeakable concept and artistic action.

We like that nudity does not happen as a physical condition, but as a symbolic event of resistance and sensitization.

The exhibition presents the new collections of 13 artists of different nationalities who were invited to work on the idea of the political, public and collective body: Vivien Bedwell, Daria Borovkova, Corrina Goutos, Satomi Kawai, Anna Lewis, Nina Lima, Daniel Ramos Obregón, Daniella Saraya, Hansel Tai, Martina Turini, Tanel Veenre, Maria Ignacia Walker, Snem Yildirim.

With an iconic concept as their starting-point, relating to their own cultures of origin, and linked to a form of oppression of collective and individual freedom, they have developed a body of work inspired by the chosen theme. This gave rise to provocative visions, games, reflections and distortions and it delighted our senses.

The artists approached current issues such as the role of women in society, the question of gender, sexual orientation, spiritual identity, consumerism and disposable culture, mysticism and eroticism, the idea of beauty, slavery, dictatorships regimes.

The collections have been photographed by different photographers under the creative direction of Arianna Novaga: Asia Flamini, Simone Franzolini, Marco Pauletto, Joan Porcel Pascual and Angelo Tassitano. Each of them tried to elaborate, through their own visual language, the individual and intimate experiences of the artists.

Even the catalogue, resembling a dossier, is designed to be an open organism, continuously modifiable and available to include new projects. The catalogue is enhancing to questions and investigations.

Nuda Vita is an artistic movement, an open and continuous platform of reflection and stimulation to give substance to those studies, which see the body and existence as an area of exploration. The exhibition impressed us as an act of provocation and resistance, subversion and sensitisation, which focuses upon the body, through the medium of the jewel, as a statement of politics, identity and humanity.