THE SENSE OF BEAUTY ♦ is a new digital jewellery gallery to showcase independent designers.

THE SENSE OF BEAUTY ♦ is a new digital jewellery gallery to showcase independent designers.

THE SENSE OF BEAUTY ♦ is a new digital jewellery gallery to showcase independent designers. 0 0 Dautor

THE SENSE OF BEAUTY is a digital jewellery gallery founded to showcase the work of independent designers. It offers a curated line-up of handcrafted jewellery, selected to inspire emotions and celebrate individuality

THE SENSE OF BEAUTY  jewellery gallery encourages the independent designers to stay focused on their creative activity offering them an international platform to be seen and discovered and eventually purchased.

The aim is to promote the values of the artisans built upon the age-old pillars of skill, craftsmanship and quality and to make sure the designers are incentivized to manufacture and source sustainably and ethically.

THE SENSE OF BEAUTY works similar to an art gallery by selecting different pieces from different artists and keeping them in the exhibition for a period. Some pieces that show interest can become part of their permanent line-up.

THE SENSE OF BEAUTY jewellery gallery presents designers from all around the world, keeping the flow of a gallery always guided by a sense of beauty, rather than trends.


The founder and curator of THE SENSE OF BEAUTY jewellery gallery has an international career of 20 years as a corporate senior, perfecting her marketing skills in three countries. Of Romanian origins, Diana Iordache has started her career as a model, while studying marketing management; although her first job was to be a stylist for a fashion magazine, she soon entered the business world and joined the biggest cosmetic company in the world. It is during these years when she started collaborating with independent designers, supporting also the first-ever Romanian jewellery fair – AUTOR and putting the spotlight on the local artisans.

Diana is not a jewellery aficionado but a jewellery connoisseur; interested in the process of crafting, she has been producing some pieces herself. Her international marketing career and sense of crafting beauty are the pillars of launching this gallery aiming to give a voice to the community of independent artists in a digital era.

For her, the jewellery represents the art to outline human beauty. Currently, she lives in the Netherlands, fully dedicated to discovering visionary designers and expanding the gallery.


“When I choose jewellery pieces, I have in mind the people that desire to make a statement with their everyday choices. For me it is the creative act that matters, I want the jewellery to be recognized, understood, and finally to be worn. Is not about what is in fashion right now. I am proposing pieces that are made to last, with no season boundaries, easy to wear and created ethically. ” – Diana Iordache, founder of THE SENSE OF BEAUTY




Her work can be found in galleries, museum shops, selected boutiques in Greece and abroad. Aliki Stroumpouli is a contemporary Greek jewellery designer with a background in sculpture; she studied at the Athens School of Fine Art and has a MA at the Royal College of Art in London. Inspired by the surreal, her creations surprise and often scandalize – her favourite theme is the eye and the gaze.


She studied graphic design at Vacalo School of Arts in Athens before moving to Los Angeles to continue her studies at the Art Center in Pasadena. While studying graphic design, she enrolled in a jewellery design course, which opened a whole new world of creative expression for her, so in 2000 she launched her brand Elsa Mouzaki Jewellery. Her work explores the notion of female sensuality through timeless designs. She has been featured in various exhibitions and magazines and she has won the Best Jewellery award in MACEF FIERRA (Milan, IT).


While studying in the School Of Fine Arts of Athens Pavlina Verouki began to work as an assistant designer in renowned jewellery workshops, learning the art of goldsmithing. After completing her master studies in Visual Arts at the Dutch Art Institute in the Netherlands, she continued to work on goldsmithing, launching her jewellery brand. You can find her work in many locations in Greece, the Theocharakis Foundation For The Fine Arts and Music and the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center.

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