Valdis BROZE – Answering to different questions through jewelry @ AUTOR 2022

Valdis BROZE – Answering to different questions through jewelry @ AUTOR 2022

Valdis BROZE – Answering to different questions through jewelry @ AUTOR 2022 2048 2048 Dautor

We talked to Valdis Broze, a contemporary jewelry artist who combines precious materials and questions received from his surroundings and found out about his intriguing approach towards his creative process and much more.  He is the recepient of AUTOR Award @ Joya Barcelona 2019. You can discover his collection during AUTOR International Contemporary Jewellery Fair 2022 during 28th – 29th of May at Oscar Maugsh Palace in the heart of Bucharest.

1. Valdis, your work seems to have a strong narrative component, what other influences have you brought from the field of Visual Communication?

It could be, to think more conceptually and multilayered. Also, to make sure that the work addresses itself, even without informing why it was created. I have always liked when someone else starts telling what they see, and the more and different the story, the more valuable the work seems.

2. Where is the point of convergence between contemporary jewelry and visual arts from your perspective?

Coexists very organically. The boundaries between jewelry and the visual arts have collapsed, the key is the message. The way it is achieved.

3. What are the questions and themes that you are particularly exploring at this stage of your life? 

Now I want to start a new jewelry series. I started the year before Covid and the name was “Coronal loops” (arcs above the Sun’s surface), and the year I thought I realized it came “it” as a surprise. There will be another name. A story about energy circles, sometimes we don’t know about, the Sun, history now. Sounds complicated, but it is made out of simple shapes.

4.You really are a multidisciplinary artist, what do you think are the benefits and disadvantages of this approach in the long-term? 

Well, now I paint and draw much less and I miss it. These are definitely benefits of exercising a view of the world. This interaction is very interesting. Hopefully we will start working on a new animated film soon, where characters could be created. Will see. It takes a lot of time.

5.Which is your favorite jewelry piece so far? 

If you refer to the ones created by me, then some “bubble tree”ring, or some earrings from the “ThinThin” series.
If i had to choose from all of them, it’s complicated! Lot of.

6. How do you perceive the Latvian contemporary jewelry scene at this moment? Is there something important we should know about?

Latvia has a small population, so there are not many jewerly  artists. We  know each other. The period  ended with the closing of the “Putti”  gallery. Now different beginnings, but the time of Covid has complicated and changed everything. Similar changes are everywhere. More online activity, more unexpected collaboration.

Why do you think it’s important to be part of an event like the AUTOR Fair?

First of all, to meet other jewelry artists, to exchange opinoins. It is important to meet the author himself and see what he has created. It is often also the beginning of a new collection. Thank you for organizing AUTOR!