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AUTOR platform organize, in partnership with the Halucinarium Gallery, the contemporary jewelry exhibition “Welcome to Enter ….” which bring prestigious names of contemporary and art jewellery to exhibit for the first time in Bucharest, Romania.


▐  Opening takes place on April 18th, 2019 @ Galeria HALUCINARIUM

Six international creators of contemporary jewelry exhibit for the first time in Romania:


Melanie Isverding, Alexander Blank, Hans Stofer, Florian Weichsberger, Kiko Gianocca, Therese Hilbert.


“Welcome to enter …” brings to Halucinarium a selection of artwork presented in an innovative manner, inviting visitors to step into the space where the jewelry transcends the ordinary and becomes art.

❛ Art does not reproduce what we see, rather it makes us see❜, said German painter Paul Klee in 1920. We humans have the fundamental desire to understand things and create contexts that will become familiar to us. What happens when the unforeseen occurs? How do we capture that ephemeral moment of reaction? We need magic and it is the art that gives us it. The six artists present in the exhibition propose original interpretations of these magical moments.

The exhibition is an initiative of Melanie Isverding and it is part of the AUTOR 2019 series of events, the most important being the International Contemporary and Art Jewellery Fair held on April 20th-21st at the Bucharest National Theater. More than 100 designers from four continents and 27 countries will offer the public to Bucharest the opportunity to admire and purchase a curatorial selection of contemporary and art jewelry.


About the gallery:

Situated at a symbolic node of the metropolis at the intersection of rail and road communications, HALUCINARIUM is a symbol of the revival of the local aesthetic community and a ramp for the launch of young talents both locally and internationally. HALUCINARIUM is the umbrella brand that hosts three lines of activity: the Art Gallery, the Social and Business Events, and Art ON, the vehicle that proposes approaches and artistic solutions related to social and environmental issues. Halucinarium opened on 21st March 2018 with the exhibition “I do not emit carbon”, an ecological social manifest.

AUTOR is an exclusive scene for contemporary jewelry, concepts and encounters. It is the space where both functional and conceptual approaches to wearing jewelry can be seen and touched. In each edition we are defining “the sweet spot” where design, art and emotions meet. The selected artists explore different themes such as wearable versus statement pieces, cultural differences and meanings, authenticity and personal filter, accepted beauty and unusual aesthetics.