Words to live by in quarantine

Words to live by in quarantine

Words to live by in quarantine 500 335 Dautor

We’ve asked our 2019 AUTOR Award winners to share what keeps them going and inspired in quarantine times.

Here are Xuan Ma‘s AUTOR Award @ Central Saint Martin, London, UK, 2019.


Here are Sinae Baik ‘s AUTOR Media Award @ Collectiva Joalharia de Autor, Porto, Portugal, 2019:

Me time
My space
Here are Mihaela Caravan‘s Public Choice Award @ AUTOR Fair 2019, Bucharest, Romania:
Listening to fairytales on records
Long showers
Taking the time to ”get bored”
Here are Yael Friedman‘s AUTOR Award @ Venice Design Week, Italy, 2019:

I wake up late and go out for a few minutes of photosynthesis in the glorious nature.
I avoid the news and updates until noon, checking it only once a day (I am sure that if something extraordinary will happen, someone will let me know).

I doodle and doodle and doodle – trying not to think serious thoughts, just mindless doodles and sketches of positive funny ideas.
I have rediscovered that many a things can be created using what we have at home so that is what I am doing in between reading and cooking and talking and sleeping. I create ! Anything and everything. Nothing for a special occasion or an exhibition .. there will be many opportunities in the time After.

…and all those virtual museum tours…great sources of inspiration.

We creators are lucky, we have a creative mind, we think and design and invent and create. This is what we do everyday, rain or shine. Good situations create ample ideas but so do bad ones. We can express what we feel through objects…in 2d 3d and sometimes we even use the fourth dimension…our mind is a wonderful place and our creativity a tool.

Here are Valdis Broze‘s AUTOR Award @ Joya Barcelona Fair, Spain, 2019:

Processes in nature
Unfinished ideas
To lock myself into my studio for 3 days ( always works ) 🙂

Here are Lucie Houdková‘s AUTOR Award @ Athens Jewlery Week, Greece, 2019:

Connection with my family and friends
My studio
Going to forest close my house
Sunny days
Cooking and eating good foods


The AUTOR 2020 Fair, now in 2021

It’s no surprise that our May event had to be postponed. But in much better news, we’re delighted to announce that all 70 artists that were hand-selected to attend the Fair are in for our new October date.

Good things come to those who stay safe.