The Beauty Issue – Call for submissions

The Beauty Issue – Call for submissions

The Beauty Issue – Call for submissions 1200 800 Dautor

AUTOR Magazine #6 /// Call for Submissions

The Beauty Issue

How do you define beauty? What pleases your eye and tickles your heart and your mind?

Beauty and Jewelry have always been intimately connected and evolved through time side by side. Observe art, watch a movie, or look around you in the real world. Beauty usually is framed by jewelry. And jewelry as an “addition” and an “extra”, attempts to enhance beauty and bring it into focus.

So accept our invitation and dive with us deeper into this subject. How do you define beauty? How do you relate to beauty through making or wearing jewelry? Which is your interpretation of the interconnection between beauty, jewelry and the body in our shared “now”? Should jewelry be beautiful in order to enhance and beautify?

In our previous issues of Autor Magazine we have talked about jewelry through the filters: of love and romance, of wanderlust and the power of imagination, of the senses and sensory experiences. In our last issue we explored reciprocity and the ongoing exchange between our physical selves and the surrounding environment. In this 6th edition of the publication we will question beauty and research beauty’s appearances and implications in contemporary and art jewelry. We therefore call you to share with us your very own vision of beauty through your jewelry, your images, your thoughts.

AUTOR Magazine is about contemporary and art jewelry and its unique relationship to the human body. Adorn and be indulged by beauty… This is your chance to BE the magazine – there are no limits to fame, so be as famous as you can imagine.

SEND: jewelry that stands out, strong visuals of bodies adorned, honest writing, authentic voices, unexpected angles, connection and intimacy. We’re looking for jewelry-related projects, photo editorials, visual or digital art, texts, interviews, confessions.

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Deadline for submission: 25 February

AUTOR Magazine Launching Party: 10 April