Ceraselle @ HOMI 2022


Ceraselle S.C. is an independent firm based in Spain and inspired by contemporary artistic jewellery using local materials such as leather and ceramics. They love to create jewellery that every woman can wear and customize according to her personal style, the time of year or simply the whim of the moment! Ceraselle is an artistic workshop born from the meeting of two architects and ceramists,who work with a fascinating variety of clay materials

About jewels
They mainly work with black and white ceramics, porcelain and metals to compose innovative jewellery. Their compositions reveal an inseparable relationship between the aesthetics of every element and the design of the complete object, which suits women perfectly. The creations are designed to make the ceramic take center stage: metal parts tend to disappear in order to isolate and set free the ceramic stones, which are never trapped and mounted like they are in classic jewellery.

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