Gisbert Stach on his Workshop in Bucharest and Contemporary Jewelry

Gisbert Stach on his Workshop in Bucharest and Contemporary Jewelry

Gisbert Stach on his Workshop in Bucharest and Contemporary Jewelry 1000 1500 Dautor

We talked to Gisbert Stach, established contemporary jewelry artist, for the first time in Romania and found out more about his 3 days workshop “In the Force Field of the Seeker” and other insights about his creative process.

The workshop took place at Art-Up Contemporary Jewelry School and was part of the exhibition and performance I LIKE JEWELRY AND JEWELRY LIKES ME. BEUYS 101, initiated by Goethe Instiut Bukarest, in the year dedicated to the artist Joseph Beuys, complementary event of AUTOR International Jewelry Fair 2022, which will take place on 28th – 29th of May at Oscar Maugh Palace in the heart of Bucharest.

Gisbert Stach works as a freelance artist who combines jewelry with video and photography in its distinctiveness. One focus of his work is on processes of transformation and experimentation. Stach serves as a jury member in competitions and lectures at international jewelry symposia. He is one of the most important authors of contemporary jewelry.

1.Gisbert please tell us, how was your experience in Bucharest and your impression on the workshop?

Although I didn’t have much time for visiting, I think Bucharest is a very exciting city and I was pleasantly surprised that the participants created something with little help from my side. They succeeded to find their own way to express themselves and to step out of their comfort zone. I am happy that everybody did an amazing work, even if it was quite complicated.

2.What is your opinion on the dance performance, which took place in the opening of the exhibition?

It was very unique, the exhibition was fatanstic and tas he dance was in the middle, the jewelry was in the center of the dance, it was very good highlighted. I was impressed by the exhibition, is very good. I loved the multimedia aspect, I think it is challenging to put everything together.

3. Do you have a preferred medium to showcase your works?

I like very much video, but I don’t have a preferred one. I’m not a perfomer, but sometimes it’s necessary to perform. As a general rule, the concept comes first and I like having the freedom to use all the means and to combine them when necessary.

4.Regarding your work, do you explore certain concepts/ directions in this moment of your life?

At the moment, I place a lot of jewelry on trees, waiting for the trees to grow, somehow they are working for me. I have many ideas, which I develop simultaneously.