Focus Artist of AUTOR 2023: Rita Martínez

Focus Artist of AUTOR 2023: Rita Martínez

Focus Artist of AUTOR 2023: Rita Martínez 1200 1800 Dautor

AUTOR ➤ FOCUS ARTIST 2023. We will meet Rita Martínez at the 20th anniversary edition of the AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair, 6-7 May in Bucharest.

Rita Martínez has been named FOCUS ARTIST at the 19th edition of AUTOR. Thanks to her talent in the field of contemporary jewelry, Rita received AUTOR’s highest acknowledgement with the AUTOR AWESOME AWARD 2022 FOCUS ARTIST 2023. In this latest edition of AUTOR. Niki Stylianou , artist and editor of AUTOR Magazine, had the honour to present Rita with an award and an open invitation for a solo exhibition at Uni.Versus ArtRoom.

Exploring the world of contemporary jewelry with Rita Martínez

Rita Martínez‘s latest  collection,  Odorarium, which will be exhibited in premiere at AUTOR 2023 is intended to be a first approach as a “hunter” in the universe of aromas. It talks about historical memory, but above all about personal memory. It speaks of emotional feelings of weeping, laughter, happiness, anguish, nostalgia. Smells, perfumes, aromas that are in her cultural background, that have accompanied her life paths, created her image and contributed to her perception of herself and others.

Connecting with your senses through jewelry: The impact on creation

Rita’s jewelry latest collection, Odorarium is a result of the Rita’s obsession with smell and her research on the archetypes of olfactory language. It is a personal and historical journey that speaks of the significant role of smells in various cultures, religions, and personal experiences. The collection is an exploration of smells as evocative and transformative elements that create memories and emotions. The artist used copper as a privileged material for its color, which is historically related to fire, the same heat that allows flowers to bloom and produce their fragrances.

Focus Artist of AUTOR 2023: Rita Martínez

Rita Martínez is a talented jewelry artist who draws inspiration from nature and uses her work as a means to connect people with the world around them. Her passion for creating unique pieces is evident in the intricate details and stunning designs of her jewelry. Thanks to her dedication to experimenting and pushing the boundaries of the environment, she is a remarkable presence in the world of contemporary jewelry, receiving numerous awards, including the Joya Barcelona Award in 2021 and the coveted AUTOR Awesome Award in 2022.

Her work has paid off, giving her the highest distinction possible at the AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair #19, the title of FOCUS ARTIST 2023.

Inspiration is everywhere: Rita’s creative process

Rita draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including nature, art, music and literature. She believes in the importance of taking breaks to rest and recharge and is always experimenting with new materials and techniques to keep her work fresh and engaging. Her dedication to craftsmanship and willingness to explore new ideas provide valuable lessons for aspiring artists and designers looking to make their mark in the industry.

As a rising star in the contemporary jewelry world, her success is an inspiration to artists and designers looking to break into the jewelry scene. Her unique vision and dedication to her craft have earned her loyal following, and her desire to push the boundaries of the medium has opened new avenues of creative expression. Aspiring designers can learn valuable lessons from her approach to the creative process, which emphasizes the importance of experimentation, dedication and a willingness to take risks.

We will meet Rita Martínez at AUTOR 2023 with a new collection, an event that is an invitation to discover the jewels that lie beyond the functional threshold, but above all to discover yourself.