Designers meeting before AUTOR #10

Designers meeting before AUTOR #10

Designers meeting before AUTOR #10 1024 576 Dautor

Before the AUTOR 10th edition we managed to gather together fourty contemporary jewelry designers at Cărturești Library. Autor’s director and founder, Dan Pierșinaru, organised a meeting with the designers, in order to explain and show to them, all the steps they need to follow in order to create a successful application for a contemporary jewlery fair. The AUTOR anniversary edition in November 2013, encourages the progress of the artists, and this meeting’s purpose was to support them in their evolution and education. And because everything happens for a reason, Cărturești was the first host of the AUTOR 2009 first edition.

Thus, Autor co-ordinated an elaborate discussion session that would benefit both new designers and the artists who’ve already participated in the past. During this meeting, the designers were explained how to build their application, they were given more details about the requirements and how they should highlight the jewelry and its conceptual aspects.

The way a submission to a call for entries can be donne was discussed in depth, step by step. For AUTOR #10, the designers were asked to present five statement jewels, which have a double purpose: to synthesise the theme as well as the original, noteworthy character of the pieces. When we talk about contemporary jewelry, the key word is the concept, the idea behind, which is supposed to function as an extension of the artist vision and which has to be the dominant component in contemporary and art jewelry.

At the end of the presentation, the designers received useful advice related to the selection process. For instance, the designers were given some tips about how they should think about the presentation of the collection during the fair, including elements of branding, communication, set-up, the development of selling skills.

As soon as the Q&A session finished, the informative meeting was transformed into a networking opportunity, as the designers exchanged impressions, questions and pieces of advice. The final piece of advice was offered by Carla Szabo, who took part in all the AUTOR editions so far, and was the first Focus Designer in the new section of the fair. She explained to all the new comers about the important role AUTOR Fair played in her career. In Carla’s opinion, Autor encourages designers to participate with new creations twice a year, it offers them a platform where they can analyse both the clients and the competitors. At the same time, she argues, Autor is the only event in Romania which encourages the development of contemporary jewelry.

Because Autor cannot ignore the actual context, the motto of AUTOR #10: The Future Has a collective Author, represents a call for collective action, in order to build a better future for all of us.
Thus, we’re certain that the exchange of feedback will help us, as a contemporary jewelry collective, to create a successful event. And since we’re quite keen o socialising, we can only hope such events will take place again soon!